5 Star Group

Customer Testimonials

Levi in four simple words “you saved my life.”

-Shneur W.


Dear Joseph,


Before I have met you I was a little skeptical about this entire credit repair. Not only have you made me feel comfortable with my decision, but you gave me security. After 4 short months you delivered and I and my wife Bonnie have the world to thank you. We got approved for our home loan, and are moving in in a month. Without you this wouldn’t have been possible.


God bless you,

You are a saint,

Jerry R.



Five star staff,

I have worked with a credit repair agency in the past, and nothing compares to the type of attention and results that your firm offered. What I especially liked about you guys was that you not only offered me the repair aspect which is what I originally needed, but as well as proper direction and advise after my file was cleaned.

By the way I got approved for that 50,000.00 dollar business loan with such little effort. Your resources are worth the world. Thank you so much and I would need to speak to you as well this week about the new car I was looking for.




My dearest Natalie,


Without your help and devotion to my case, I would never be able to live normally today. My life gives you only joy and happiness, as you did for me. If you ever need anything from me you know I am a phone call away. Thank you thank you thank you.


Susan L.



Attn: Joseph J Zanzuri

From: Andrea R.


Jo you are AWESOME!!!!!





How are you? I hope all is well with you, I just wanted to let you know that we got our mortgage as you promised me it would be. I know Joseph spoke to me a few times as well, so thank him too. You guys are really special.


Love you guys,

Father Gino P.



Hello there Jo,


You are seriously a miracle worker, you were given a gift in this world to help people and you do just that. I couldn’t believe in such a short time you did what you did. I take my hat off for you. You are the KING OF CREDIT.


Your friend,

Allen S.